Jessica Nomad

Rage filled every fibre of my being. He was a vile, pathetic excuse of a man, but it is undeniably true that society would tarnish I and I alone. I simply had no choice but to oblige and he knew it. Grabbing my waist, his warm breath lingered on the back of my neck as he whispered “I am your only true lover. Do not deny me Mary.”

Facing the mirror I froze as I saw the greed in his eyes tracing every inch of my body. The undeniable lust on his lips and the animalistic nature of his body language frightened my core. I felt his yearning for me, pressed at the back of my dress. His hands slowly making their way down my corsette as he began to untie the lace straps. Exposing my bosoms, he swung off his white blouse matching my exposure with his chiseled abdominals. His hairy chest on top of mine as he laid me down on his wooden desk. All the while his lips were fixated on the dip of my collarbone. My inner thighs tingled as his finger tips brushed against them whilst invaded my delicate area in a constant motion. An unintended moan escaped my lips as the intimacy reminded me of why I once visited his chambers. Lost in his embrace, a sudden rememberance of the nature of this exchange dawned on me. Rage returning as I took control pushing him up against the beautifully painted wall. Having my way with him and making him beg for more as we came to an ending made me feel empowered. I quickly dressed to allow no exchange of words.

“Mary, wait. I do not want you to think wrong of me. I simply love you and do not want to see this end. This is the only way you’d allow me to be in your company.” He vulnerably let out.

“No Sir, this is not love. I am here beyond my will and in a position of disadvantage. If love is what you desire, you needth look for it elsewhere. Perhaps in my daughter, whom is your future wife after all. As for this arrangement, I am sickened by it and wish for it to be over.” She said through pierced eyes, leaving the room immediately after the last word escaped her lips.

My mother was upset as she rushed towards me. I wonder what Sir Williams could have said to put her in such a state. Drowning my pillow, constantly wondering whether my lover would return to me made me think about a future with William. Although I do not care for him, surely love would gradually occur after marriage? I consider myself an optimistic maiden, with a pure heart and a passionate desire for true love. Sir Williams was capable of providing that for me. I mean, he is a stunning fellow, with eyes as bright as the crystal reflections of the sun hitting the sea. His smile could feed paupers and his physique would make anyone blush.

With that in mind she dozed off into her subconscious only to be awokened by the sound of her dressmaker. A gown fit for a queen was bought to her chamber, as she was requested at the Williams mannor once again.

“Good morning Jessica, could you please do me the honour of joining me on a horse ride to the Forrest?” Sir Williams proposed with a blinding glimmer of hope clouding his eyes.

“I would be honoured Sir William.” She replied as she chose the most beautiful midnight black horse to ride on.

Jessica was an excellent rider, it was the norm for her as she began lessons at the age of four. There was something about the way her long chestnut hair blew in the wind. Perhaps, it was the way her face lit up exposing the freedom she felt as she rode. Or maybe a combination of the two that stirred an infatuation in Sir William. They stopped in an open meadow surrounded by trees and the gentle singing of hummingbirds. He laid out a beautiful blanket, embedded with pearls around the trims; cluttering the intersection with a woven basket on top, full to the brink of Jessica’s favourite foods.

“How did you know that I liked tuna, mayonnaise and pickles? It’s quite an unusual sandwich that my ladies look down on me about.” She asked with a puzzled facial expression.

“I asked your mother, I wanted to impress you.” He said in a genuine tone.

“Tell me something Sir Williams, do you often bring your maidens to this meadow?” She asked in an attempt to uncover how many maidens he has entertained.

“Honestly, I haven’t proposed to anybody since my wife passed, you are the first. But I must admit that this is my favourite location, I come here to clear my mind. A little escapism from the hustle and bustle of reality.” He answered honestly.

“Now it is my turn to ask you a question. What are you expecting from this marriage Jessica? I am no knight in shining armour, in fact I’m more like a unkept dwarf in a beauty pageant when placed next to you.” He continued, squirming uncomfortably in the reflection of her beauty.

This was the first time that Jessica actually felt something for Sir Williams. She saw a vulnerable side to him that intrigued her. You could say that this was the beginning of the true love that transpired between the two. However all was not to go smoothly because in that exact moment a heartbreaking letter flew into Jessica’s mailbox.


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